Annual Review – non-Authors

Please complete each of the fields below and submit the form at least 1 week prior to your review.

You can save and return to your form at any time by clicking the “Save and Resume later” link at the foot of each page and a link will be emailed to the email address you provide at that time.

Not all fields are mandatory (e.g. the Values pages 4 – 7 at the end of the form) – but for those that are, if you cannot think of a suitable answer please insert N/A in the field provided. Once completed and submitted the information will be sent to Julia Heckler, and a copy to your work email address.

If you wish, you can prepare further for your review by downloading and completing the Career Development Plan which we will discuss with you during your review.

List the 3 - 5 key areas of your job’s responsibilities in what you consider to be their order of priority or importance. Your could use your career development guidelines as a starting point/reference.
1 = strongly disagree / 5 = strongly agree
Note down some examples.
Tell us about that experience.
If so, what would those be?
Describe the kind of work you’d like to be doing/ the position you’d like to have.