Child Custody Lawyers

Our Child Custody Lawyers can help you with all matters regarding the day to day care of children in New Zealand.  Every day we help families negotiate and formalise Day to Day care (child custody) arrangements, contact/access and visitation, guardianship issues, paternity, child relocation and adoption.

Our team of Child Custody Lawyers can help you negotiate parenting and care arrangements when you first separate from your child’s other parent or at any point while your child (or a child you care for) is under 18.  We can also assist where CYFs have become involved.

Deciding on the best care arrangements for children can be stressful and emotional. Our family lawyers are skilled at guiding all parties to focus on what is best for the child(ren) involved.  We will ensure that you understand your rights and obligations and how the law in New Zealand affects your situation.

We can help you negotiate out of Court settlements, prepare for Family Dispute Resolution or litigate your case in the Family Court.

We represent fathers, mothers, grandparents, step parents, same-sex parents, adoptive parents, existing guardians and those who wish to be guardians.

(please note we do not provide Legal Aid services)
Our Child Custody Lawyers can advise you on:

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