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Our Domestic Violence Lawyers can assist you if you or your children have been the victim of domestic violence or domestic abuse, or if you have been accused of committing domestic violence.  Our family law team are skilled in domestic violence law and can help guide you through this sensitive matter with practical legal advice and support.

Applying for a protection order
If you or a child you care for has experienced domestic violence, we can help you apply for a protection order – providing advice on your situation and options, preparing and filing the documents and application to the Court, representing you in Court.

If you need a Protection Order, we may be able to make an application to the Court for a temporary protection order “Without Notice” within a day.  Our application would need to prove that a delay could cause a real risk of harm or undue hardship to you or your child for this to be granted.

The alternative is an On Notice application for a Protection Order which allows the person you are accusing to defend that application before the Court decides whether or not to grant a permanent Protection Order.

Defending a protection order
If you have been served with a protection order you need to seek expert legal advice straight away.  The ways that you respond to a protection order both through legal means and in your day to day actions will have an outcome on any defence.  As domestic violence law experts we can advise you on your rights, the options available to you and help you to choose the right course of action to defend the allegations made against you.

A final protection order can result in the loss of access to children and/or criminal charges being made against you. It can also remain on your criminal record hindering life opportunities.

We can also assist you where an accusation of domestic violence is impacting on your guardianship/parenting.

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