Guardianship Lawyers

Our guardianship lawyers are skilled in all matters relating to Guardianship in New Zealand under the Care of Children Act.

Guardianship Disputes
Family break ups can be complicated, and even after day to day care/child custody arrangements have been sorted, sometimes there can be ongoing issues regarding decisions affecting the child(ren) – where they will spend holidays, what school they will attend etc.  These decisions are called guardianship decisions, and when a dispute cannot be resolved, those disputes are known as guardianship disputes.

Our family lawyers are skilled at settling disagreements and helping resolve disputes without having to head to Court.  Where guardians can not agree, we can assist you to prepare for Family Dispute Resolution mediation.  It is important that you understand your parental and guardianship rights before entering into Family Dispute Resolution, to ensure that you achieve the best outcome.

If you are unable to reach agreement at Family Dispute Resolution then we can assist you to prepare for legal proceedings in the Family Court. (learn more about our Family Court services)

Guardianship Applications
We can also assist people (such as step-parents or grandparents) to make applications to be appointed as legal guardians (whether permanently or on an interim basis)

Our Guardianship Law specialists can help you with:

  • Guardianship disputes
  • Negotiating guardianship disputes
  • Helping you prepare to take a Guardianship dispute to Family Dispute Resolution
  • Litigating a Guardianship Dispute in the Family Court
  • Grandparents as guardians
  • Applications for Step Parents to be appointed guardians
  • Testamentary Guardians?
  • Court Appointed guardians?
  • Applications to have someone removed as guardian
  • Defence of application to be removed as guardian
  • Guardianship Orders

Guardianship Specialists