Getting your own Terms and Conditions is quick and easy.

If you’re a small business owner one of the few legal safeguards you need to put in place is the terms and conditions of your contract with your customers.

For most businesses that means a set of terms and conditions you can easily provide to customers, whether you provide them by email or you have them on your website.

Quick and Easy Online Terms and Conditions

We recognise that, for you as a business owner, time is money. You want to be able to get things done quickly and easily and get moving with your business.

Our online Terms and Conditions Questionnaire allows you to quickly and easily answer a set of detailed questions that will allow us to create tailored terms and conditions for your business.

Three simple steps

1 ) Click Buy Now – Purchase Terms and Conditions for $1500 (plus GST)
2) Fill in our online questionnaire about how your business operates
3) An expert commercial lawyer from our team will review your questionnaire and provide you with terms and conditions after one working day of receiving your completed questionnaire 

Why do I need Terms and Conditions?

Terms and conditions are the base document for any transaction between you and your customer – outlining the way you do business, what your customer can expect from you and what you expect from your customer.

You can learn more about why they’re important – here.

Expert Advice

Using the information you provide in the questionnaire, one of our expert Commercial Lawyers will provide you with a set of terms and conditions that is specifically tailored to reflect your business, your industry and include all the protections you need for your business and the unique way that you operate.

Super-Fast turnaround

We will get your completed terms and conditions back to you by the end of the next working day.*

You’ll be able to load them onto your website, and/or start giving them out to customers straight away.

Fixed Price

Terms and conditions tailored to your business, including review and advice from our commercial team:

$1,500.00 plus GST

There are no surprises in this offer, you’ll only pay NZ$1,500 plus GST , no surprising cost over-runs, no added expenses to your bill.

What will be included in your terms and conditions?

This terms and conditions package includes provisions that deal with:

  • acceptance;
  • purchase price and payment terms;
  • title and ownership of goods (if relevant);
  • limitations of liability;
  • security (if relevant);
  • cancellation and/or termination;
  • privacy policy;
  • access to and use of your website (if relevant);
  • dispute resolution;
  • and a raft of other up-to-date standard contract terms.

How can you get this started now?

  • When you click the “Buy Now” button below you will be directed to our payment portal.
  • By clicking “Buy Now” you accept our letter of engagement – a pro-forma version is available here (this is our agreement with you including our terms and conditions and information for clients, and fulfils our law society obligations);
  • Once you have paid the purchase price you will be directed to a questionnaire that will help tailor the terms and conditions to your business’ requirements.
  • You can exit the questionnaire and then return to this page to resume it at any time by clicking the “Buy Now” button again (you will then be prompted to “Resume” – you will not be charged again) – IMPORTANT: you must resume the questionnaire on the same device (you will receive an automated email with a link that allows you to continue).

Once submitted:

  • Once you submit the questionnaire you will receive an automated confirmation email from us and then the next business day we will send you our letter of engagement and a GST tax invoice.
  • When we receive your questionnaire we will draft the terms and conditions and then a senior commercial lawyer will review that draft to consider the legal issues for your business.
  • If necessary, we will contact you to clarify any questions we may have.
  • Once reviewed we will email your business’ tailored terms and conditions document to you;

When will I get my terms and conditions?

*As a rule we will send your business’ terms and conditions to you by the end of the next business day (Monday to Friday except for public holidays) – if there is going to be a delay for any reason we will notify you as soon as possible, including when we expect to have the completed document to you.