Powers of Attorney Lawyers

Our team of power of attorney lawyers can prepare your enduring powers of attorney and provide advice on the special conditions you should include to help your wishes to be followed, and to prevent family disputes later on.

Everyone should have enduring powers of attorney in place. An accident or illness could strike at anytime and if a power of attorney is not in place before this happens, your family will be unable to access assets or bank accounts, pay bills or make decisions about your health care and where you will live.

You will need two separate kinds of enduring power of attorney. An enduring power of attorney for personal care and welfare allows your attorney to make decisions about your health services and where you live if you become mentally incapacitated.

A power of attorney for property allows someone to manage your personal property – assets, bank accounts, bills etc. A power of attorney for property can be restricted to come into place only when you are incapacitated, or can be active immediately, allowing you to provide someone else with the ability to sign documents on your behalf if you are out of the country.

If you become incapacitated without an enduring power of attorney the process for your family of applying to the Court to be appointed guardians under the Protection of Personal & Property Rights Act is expensive and time consuming.(learn more about PPPR applications here)

Our skilled team can assist you with:

Advice on whether you need enduring powers of attorney

  • Advice on how to choose your attorneys
  • Advice on the restrictions you can add to your power of attorney
  • Drafting Enduring Powers of Attorney for Personal Care and Welfare
  • Drafting Enduring Powers of Attorney for Property
  • Assistance with Power of Attorney disputes

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