Intellectual Property & Trademark Lawyers

Our Intellectual Property Lawyers specialise in intellectual property for small to medium businesses. We approach intellectual property from a common sense, business-focused perspective. We can help you identify the intellectual property assets your business has, and which ones are worth protecting. We can then help you identify the most cost effective intellectual property solutions.

Failing to protect your important intellectual property assets can cause expensive and stressful situations later on. Properly protected intellectual property can raise the value of your business for sale, increase your ability to attain finance to grow and helps establish your brand identity, and prevent competitors from encroaching on the goodwill you have developed.

Once we’ve protected your intellectual property assets, we can also assist you with Licencing Agreements. And if you find someone has been infringing your intellectual property, our Intellectual Property Disputes Team can help you resolve those disputes.

Our Intellectual Property Lawyers can help you with:

  • Trademark registration (to protect brands, identity and logos)
  • Trademark disputes
  • Company name registration
  • Registered Designs / Design Registration (to protect product appearance)
  • Copyright advice (to protect original works)
  • Legal protection of confidential information / Confidentiality Agreements
  • Licencing
  • Claims of Passing Off
  • Domain name registration and domain name protection
  • Website terms and conditions and privacy statements
  • Intellectual property licensing agreements
  • Intellectual property dispute litigation

Intellectual Property Law Specialists