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Our Commercial Property Lawyers are based in Auckland and specialise in the area of commercial leasingbuying commercial property and selling commercial property. Your Commercial Property Lawyer will provide you with commercially sound advice tailored to your specific situation, and can help you get the best deal. Whether you’re a commercial landlord, commercial tenant, property developer or simply looking to buy premises for your business, the right advice will help ensure your interests are protected, that you get the best deal for you and that you fully understand all your liabilities and obligations.

Leasing, buying and selling commercial property are complex transactions and can carry significant financial risk, commercially astute advice can save you money, protect your investment and make management of your commercial property easier and more efficient.  All our commercial property clients also receive free access to commercial property management software NomosOne.


Free Commercial Property Management Software

Smith and Partners’ commercial property clients receive free access to commercial property management software Nomos One. Nomos One stores all your lease documentation online and automatically reminds all parties when important events such as rent reviews, lease renewals etc are due.

As our client, you can give access to as many users as you need to – including your accountant, property managers and you and any relevant staff. Logging in to the easy-to-use dashboard gives you a quick snapshot of your property portfolio, and email reminders are sent in the lead up to important dates.

You can store an unlimited number of documents attached to each property, such as building warrants of fitness and insurance information, along with the Agreement to Lease, variations, subleases etc.

Because all your lease documents are in one place you never have to waste time locating them. This accurate record of everything that has happened with that tenant/property. i.e. variations, renewals and rent reviews help reduce risk.

NomosOne as a commercial property management system allows you:

  • Access to documents and reminders at anytime, anywhere
  • Centralised storage of all lease and property documentation
  • Email reminders for important events such as reviews and renewals
  • As many users as you wish to give access to
  • No start up or ongoing costs

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