Buying Commercial Property Lawyers

Buying commercial property is a significant investment for your business or your commercial property portfolio. Whether you’re looking to develop the property, lease it to existing or new tenants or occupy the premises for your own business our skilled commercial property experts will guide you through the process in plain language and ensure you fully understand the property you are purchasing.

Many years of experience ensures we can advise of any fishhooks and provide commercially appropriate advice tailored to your situation and your plans for the commercial premises, including thorough reviews of the lease documents for existing tenants.

Our commercial property lawyers can assist you with:

  • Draft/Review the Agreement for Sale & Purchase
  • Due diligence review including advising on LIM Report & Building reports
  • Advice on zoning and the permitted use of the land
  • Advice on the title and any interests (e.g. easements) on the title
  • Review existing lease documentation including the agreement to lease and any written or verbal variations to the lease
  • Review existing tenant guarantees
  • Advice on finance and funding responsibilities and liabilities
  • Advice on your obligations as owner-occupier or as landlord
  • Advice on compliance obligations
  • Advice on your personal and business liabilities
  • Advice on how to structure the purchase – who or what entity should be purchasing the building i.e. individual, trust or company
  • Advice on whether GST is payable on the purchase

Commercial Property Purchase Specialists