Commercial Leasing Lawyers

We specialise in helping commercial landlords maximise their investment and helping commercial tenants to get the best deal for their situation whilst managing their risk and liabilities. For commercial leasing – talk to the experts and get the right advice for your commercial leasing situation.

Commercial Landlords
Commercial property and commercial leasing for landlords can be a risky business if your legal foundations are not sound, or if you don’t manage your commercial property portfolio efficiently. But with sound advice, solid documentation that supports the landlord and robust systems for keeping on top of key dates in your leasing calendar you can ensure your investment is protected and that you are maximising your yield on that investment.

Our commercial property lawyers provide our landlord clients with leasing documents that are tailored to their building and their situation with clauses added and amended to ensure that returns are maximised, and investments are protected.

Our commercial landlord clients receive free access to lease management software
Nomos One meaning that rent reviews, lease renewals and other important dates are never missed.

Commercial Tenants
Our commercial lease lawyers can help you negotiate your lease to reduce your liability and or make amendments favourable to you as a tenant. The commercial lease for your business premises can be one of your biggest business expenses. Commercial leases can also be a large personal liability depending on the length of the lease and whether you sign a personal guarantee.

With the right advice based on a sound understanding of your business and its situation, tenants can negotiate many of the lease conditions. It is important you understand what you are agreeing to for before you sign a Deed of Lease or Agreement to Lease. Our commercial property experts can also advise when it comes time to negotiate lease renewals, rent reviews or assigning your lease to a third party.

Whether landlord or tenant, our commercial leasing lawyers can assist you with:

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