Duncan Lang

Duncan completed his LLB at Auckland University of Technology in 2020 and is due to be admitted to the bar in 2021.

As a law clerk, Duncan currently supports the property law team, assisting with conveyancing and general property matters, wills and powers of attorney.

Having initially studied a BSc, Duncan was drawn to the law by a desire to make a difference in the day to day lives of everyday people. His science background has given a logical approach to his work and eye for detail when it comes to analysing issues. Preferring to develop lasting relationships, Duncan brings a quiet intelligence and approachable, relaxed nature to his interactions with clients.

Outside of work, Duncan is a keen sportsman and enjoys golf, surfing and tennis. His interest in exercise and health extends to a passion for escaping into nature for a hike, or down to the mountain for a day on the snow.

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