Tax Debt Negotiation Lawyers

High levels of Inland Revenue Department Tax Debt can spiral out of control with penalty fees and interest. You may be facing personal bankruptcy or your business being put into liquidation. But you do have options, and we can help reduce your stress.

Our team are skilled at negotiating with the IRD – and have helped clients be achieving significant reductions in their overall debt, negotiating sustainable payment plans, preventing bankruptcy and liquidation.

If you have already been served with bankruptcy or liquidation proceedings, we may still be able to help negotiate a settlement, and prevent the proceedings.

The most important thing is to contact our expert tax debt negotiation team as soon as possible, before it is too late.

Our team can help you by:

  • Talking with IRD on your behalf – saving you time & alleviating the stress of the situation
  • Negotiating payment plans
  • Negotiating reduction in penalties
  • Negotiating tax settlements

Recent clients we’ve helped
Negotiated reduction from $500,000 IRD Debt to $25,000 and prevented bankruptcy (Read case study of how we helped) 
Negotiated reduction from $100,000 tax debt to $60,000 and prevented bankruptcy.

Tax Debt Negotiation Specialists