Residential Tenancy Disputes Lawyers | Tenancy Tribunal

The Tenancy Tribunal hears all cases related to disputes regarding residential tenancies. While disputes over unpaid rent can be straightforward and are usually handled without the help of a lawyer, more complex disputes can benefit from a strong legal argument. Often we can help settle these disputes before they go to the tenancy tribunal.

If the dispute does go before the tenancy tribunal, we can help you prepare, and in some instances* appear on your behalf. Tribunal Orders are binding, and can represent significant amounts of money, so it is important that the argument presented is based on the law covered in the Residential Tenancies Act, and is supported by strong evidence in your favour.

We can assist you with:

  • Pre-tribunal dispute negotiations
  • Assistance with preparing for mediation
  • Assistance with preparing for Tenancy Tribunal hearings
  • Appear on your behalf at the Tenancy Tribunal where applicable*
  • Residential Tenancies Act breaches
  • Issues arising over non-consented property

*A lawyer may appear on your behalf if the dispute is worth more than $6,000, or if the other party agrees to you having a lawyer, or if they have a lawyer representing them

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