Building Lawyers

Our experienced building lawyers can help you review your building contract.
Building LawyerWhether you are purchasing a house and land package, building from scratch or renovating an existing property you need an experienced building lawyer to review the contract and make sure that you not only understand the provisions that have been included, but also that there are clauses and provisions that protect you and that your finance documentation from your bank or lender matches up with your building contract.

We regularly renegotiate building contracts with small builders and all the major building companies to make sure that your investment is protected, adding in clauses that can prevent some of the stress and escalating costs that building can involve.

Our team of building law specialists know what to look for, what needs to be added and are skilled at negotiating those changes for your benefit. We’ve all heard nightmare stories of building projects gone wrong. We will explain all the terms and conditions in language you can understand and help ensure that your build is the dream you want it to be.

Our building lawyers can help you today with:

  • House and land packages
  • New Build Building contracts
  • Renovation Building contracts
  • Commercial Building Contracts
  • Finance/ Mortgages for building
  • Construction Disputes

Building Law Specialists