Family Trust Lawyers

Family trusts can be an excellent way to protect your assets for the long term so that you and your family can enjoy financial security now and in the future. But it is important that a trust is set up for the right reasons, administered correctly and that you understand the legal implications.

Family trusts are used to protect assets from creditors, relationship property claims and claims against your estate. Trusts are also a useful way of managing assets for intergenerational wealth.

Our family trust lawyers’ extensive experience with family trust law including family trust litigation means that we can help you understand whether a family trust is right for your individual situation, and ensure that it is managed correctly – ensuring that your assets are protected. We understand how to make trust law work for you when it comes to tax liability and asset protection. The right advice now will help reduce the stress on your family both emotionally and financially.

Our experienced trust lawyers can assist you with:

  • Setting up a family trust
  • Drafting trust deeds
  • Memorandums of Wishes
  • Deeds of Distribution
  • Family trust administration and management
  • Independent professional trustee services
  • Trust reviews
  • Adding and removing trustees
  • Advice on trustee responsibilities
  • Gifting to a family trust
  • Making distributions from a family trust
  • Buying and selling trust assets
  • Resettlement/Winding up a family trust
  • Family trust disputes
  • Charitable Trusts

Family Trust Specialists