Debt Recovery Lawyers

Our debt recovery lawyers can help you today. Recovering outstanding debts from your customers is often time consuming and costly. Involving Smith and Partners, a third party law firm, as a back-up to your in-house accounts receivable systems can save you time and money.

Our experienced debt recovery team find that an initial phone call or letter direct from us as your law firm is all that is need to get bad debtors to pay – freeing up time and cash flow for you to run your business effectively.

Follow Up Phone Calls Monthly Service Imagine the power of having your outstanding debtors followed up by a law firm for a fixed fee every month.

Calling outstanding debtors to chase overdue payments is the most effective way to recover outstanding bills, but it can be hard for small businesses to find the time to do this effectively.

Forget the hassle of hiring and training someone to do this for you – we now offer a cost effective, fixed fee service for debt collection phone calls.

Paid monthly, a skilled debt collection credit controller will log in to your system, collaborate with you to asses which debts are overdue, and require follow up

How the system works:

We’ll set up an initial meeting with you to discuss how you want your overdue debtors handled. Do you want debtors called if their invoice is a week overdue, a month?

You will provide us with access to your cloud based accounting system (MYOB/ Xero etc).

Your delegated credit controller will:

  •  Access your cloud based accounting system
  •  Assess which debtors require phone calls based on your requested criteria
  •  Make four hours of phone calls chasing those debtors
  •  Report back fortnightly

The benefit to you

  •  The calls are made from “Smith and Partners Lawyers” on your behalf – providing significant incentive for your debtors to pay
  •  No ongoing effort required by you, no reports to generate, we’ll simply log in, assess which debtors need calling and make those calls
  •  All the payroll, employment and training issues are our responsibility
  •  You can cancel at any time

The costs

$299 + Office Expenses & GST Per Month

(includes Initial Set Up Meeting, 4 hours of phone calls & monthly reporting)

Letter of Demand
For a one off fee of $375 + GST, office expenses and disbursements our experienced debt collection team will:

  • Investigate the background of the debt
  • Explain your options
  • Send a letter of demand to the debtor

If payment has not been made after these initial steps, issuing court proceedings against the debtor generally results in prompt payment.
On the rare occasion that this action is unsuccessful, the options available to you will depend on the nature of the debt and your terms of trade. At this stage we will discuss in plain language the costs involved and likely outcomes of pursuing bankruptcy or liquidation of your debtor so that you can make the best decision for you and your business.

Debt Recovery Specialists