Estate Litigation Lawyers | Contesting or Challenging a Will | Defending an Estate Claim

If you want to challenge or contest a Will, or you need to defend a claim against an estate, you need experienced estate litgation lawyers who understand not only the law as it is written, but how case law affects how a judge would interpret the law.  Our skilled and highly experienced estate litigation lawyers can guide you through the process, explain the merits of your case, likely outcomes, the risks involved and what your options are.  Whether you choose to settle through mediation or battle it out in court, our skilled legal team will ensure that you achieve the best possible outcome.
  • Incapacity of Testator (Testamentary capacity claims)
  • Claims by adopted children
  • Claims by estranged children
  • Family Protection Claims
  • Relationship Property Claims
  • Testamentary Promises Claims

Specialists in Challenging & Defending Estate Claims