Wills Lawyers Auckland

A will is essential so it gives certainty to the distribution of your assets on death. It is imperative you receive quality advice when drafting your will. Mistakes at the time of drafting your will can result in costly court and estate administration costs for your family after your death, or increase the chances claims being made against your estate.

Our experienced wills lawyers will ask the right questions to make sure you use the right vehicle for planning your estate, meet your legal obligations and help ensure your wishes are respected.

Modern families can be complicated. It is important that you address previous relationships, new relationships, step-children or grandchildren. Do you want to leave someone a life interest in a property? Do you want to hold assets in trust for minors? Do you have a family trust?

Our extensive background in estate litigation means that we know what can happen when a will is challenged. We have the experience to help you ensure that your wishes are complied with and that you meet your legal obligations.

We can assist you with:

  • Drafting your will
  • Advice on choosing executors
  • Updating/reviewing your will
  • Advice on dealing with previous relationships
  • Advice on dealing with new relationships
  • Life interests
  • Minor children and appointing guardians and/or holding assets in trust
  • Bequests to charity
  • Advice on the effect of marriage, separation and divorce
  • Leaving children out of a will
  • Advice on potential estate claims
  • Understanding how you own your assets
  • Dealing with businesses, farms and family trusts

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